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NEW YORK CITY INTERNATIONAL FASHION FILM FESTIVAL is an annual multi-sensory experience held in the global center of fashion and film. This platform showcases the best fashion films in the world, music videos, experimental films, student films and fashion documentaries, along with providing an inclusive space for the most creative and innovative emerging talent. 

Encouraging and embracing fashion in the digital era, NYCIFFF is committed to a diverse exploration of fashion in the digital world. As one of the most exciting new landscapes in fashion, the Metaverse offers unique opportunities to expand access and increase equity among young designers across the globe. It is our hope that the NYCIFFF platform can be a springboard for these innovators that will continue to push the limits of what's possible in fashion and visual arts.

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NYCIFFF aims to connect a global audience with the future of fashion. Our purpose is to support and promote emerging talent alongside internationally renowned creatives from around the world.

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